Keg Coupler Types

One important thing to know about keg couplers is that there isn’t a “one size fits all” option. Depending on the style of beer you want to tap or where it came from, you need to make sure you have the right type of coupler.
  • D System: Also known as a Sankey keg coupler, this is the standard keg coupler that will work the large majority of North American beers, including craft brews.
  • U System: This is the style of coupler you’ll need if you plan on tapping, Harp, Kilkenny and other select beers from the UK.
  • S System: Similar to the D System coupler, an S System coupler is also known as a European Sankey coupler. It works with popular European imports, including Heineken, Becks and Amstel.
  • A System: Designed for use with German beers, including Warsteiner, Paulaner and Spaten, an A System coupler slides over the top of the keg stem. It is also referred to as a German Slider coupler.
  • G System: For use with popular UK brands of beer, such as Bass and Boddington’s, the valve stem on a G System keg is shaped like a circle with three flat sides.
  • M System: Similar to the A System coupler, an M System locks into place by sliding over the top of the keg. It is compatible with a number of German beers, including Schneider, Aventinus, Einbecker and Veltins.
  • KeyKeg: The KeyKeg or K System is a new setup for keg tapping that uses single-use plastic kegs. KeyKeg systems are gaining in popularity with select European breweries and US winemakers.